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Bonus Yellow

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The idea of Bonus came after wanting to use my dogs regular wet food whilst training

I had given up on dried treats , i found them a hassle to carry , expensive and i was conscious i was adding to my dogs diet with food she really didnt need.
Bonus is super easy to use and comes in sizes tailored to your dogs size and purpose of use.
Whether you are rewarding your dog with food out of their daily allowance or wanting to use food that you know your dog will love , Bonus works .
It allows you to choose the food and reward your dog with the amount you wish.
Bonus can clip to clothing lead or just be in your pocket , although when it is visible to your dog they will be able to see it due to the colour and this can act as a further incentive throughout training.
You are not having to hold the treat in a certain way incase your fingers get nibbled, wash your hands or wear gloves throughout training . The food is stored in a clean convient way and to reward just squeeze.



Bonus Benefits
Suitable for many soft foods , using something a little thicker ? not a problem just remove one way valve to allow bigger foods to pass through.
Easy to clean with warm soapy water , To use in dishwasher temp for silicone max 220C and for lid 120C
Clips to anywhere clothing , bag or lead .
Bonus is made for your dog so the colours are what they predominantly see in , meaning the reward is always there.
Extendable reel allowing you to reward on demand , no more fumbling in pockets or bags.
Can be used as a positive reinforcement for any activity .
Hot day ? fill one with food other with water Bonus has a one way valve meaning the liquid does not leak.
Holds up to 30g of food 

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